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GUA SHA: How To Do It Right & Benefits You'll Love

We have all seen many beauty trends come and go, but there are some practices that stick around and for good reason. One practice that has been around for centuries is the gua sha facial. Gua sha originated in ancient China. and is one of the oldest forms of traditional Chinese medicine ever recorded.

The practice of gua sha uses a smooth edged tool to scrape areas of the body or face to promote blood flow. Not only can it be soothing, there are real and lasting benefits that can come from gua sha. This long list of benefits includes relieving tension, reducing puffiness, and promoting lymphatic drainage. Due to the increase in blood flow and fresh oxygen it brings to the skin, it leaves the skin with the hydrated and radiant glow we all want.

There are many different ways to perform a gua sha facial, but here are the top recommendations from PMD Beauty. We created a rose quartz stone with 5 unique edges, curves, and points to maximize the efficiency of this practice. Step 1: Apply Skincare

Step 2: Use long, straight edge on forehead and neck

Step 3: Use curve on eyebrows, cheek bones and jaw

Step 4: Use long, curve edge on cheeks

Step 5: Use big edge on crows feet and under eyes

Step 6: Use small point between eye brows, temples, and nasal area

Step 7: Rinse stone with soap and water

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