How does the PMD Clean work?

SonicGlow™ technology vibrates at 7,000 times per minute to break down dirt and oil from within the pores.

How is the PMD Clean different from a Clarisonic?

The Clarisonic’s nylon bristles harbor bacteria and allow it to grow. We find it important and extremely beneficial to cleanse your skin with an actually clean device. The PMD Clean is antibacterial, waterproof, and odor-resistant. It vibrates 7,000 times per minute which physically breaks down the dirt and debris from deep within your pores! The back of the device is used for an anti-aging facial massage, which helps to massage your serums and moisturizers. The PMD Clean only has 1 brush head, which you’ll never need to replace!

How does the Personal Microderm work?

The Personal Microderm is a once a week microdermabrasion treatment from the comfort of your own home! A spinning disc embedded with aluminum oxide crystals exfoliates away the entire top layer of dead, dull skin, while a vacuum suction triggers the production of collagen and elastin. When you do this treatment weekly, you're increasing the cell turnover rate which tells your body to produce an entirely new layer of fresh skin, while you're removing the old, damaged layer. This means you can say goodbye to the appearance of enlarged pores, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, and your skincare products can penetrate up to 20x deeper!

How is the PMD Clean vs. Foreo?

The PMD Clean is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand so that the full brush head can be in contact with your face. Additionally, we believe that facial cleansing is quite intuitive, so our device lets you cleanse your face for as long as you want and won't turn off when you aren't done yet.

How do I charge my PMD Clean?

The regular PMD Clean is battery operated. The PMD Clean Pros are rechargeable. To charge, insert the long, thin end of the cord into the bottom of the device. The charging hole is tight to ensure that it’s waterproof so you may have to push more than anticipated. Plug the opposite end of the cord into your outlet adapter. Battery life depends on use!

What is the difference between the PMD Clean vs. PMD Clean Pro?

There are a few main differences between the PMD Clean and PMD Clean Pro. The PMD Clean is powered by a AA battery, while the PMD Clean Pro is rechargeable. All PMD Clean Pros feature ActiveWarmth™ heat therapy, which is a warming back plate or gemstone to use for massaging in serums and moisturizers. ActiveWarmth™ technology is clinically proven to increase absorption of your skincare products. The PMD Clean requires a base to stand, while the PMD Clean Pro is self-standing.

Can I use the PMD Clean in the shower?

The PMD Clean is waterproof, so you can absolutely use and leave it in the shower! Be sure to grab a shower holder for easy storage.

Can I use the PMD Clean everyday?

It totally depends on your skin type! Some people are able to use it twice daily, while others choose to use it a few times a week.

Does the PMD Clean cause breakouts?

After establishing a cleansing routine, it’s very possible that your skin is purging all of that dirt and oil caught deep in your pores. The SonicGlow™ Technology breaks down that dirt and debris, breaking down blackheads and cleansing your pores! This will end and you’ll have fresh, radiant skin!

Does the PMD Clean exfoliate?

The PMD Clean is gentle and doesn't exfoliate. If you're looking for a deep exfoliation to get rid of the entire top layer of dead skin the Personal Microderm is going to be the product for you!

My PMD Clean Pro will not power on, what's wrong?

Double check that the travel lock is not engaged. To disengage the travel lock, first remove the charging cable. Then hold down the front and back power buttons together for a quick 123 count. When you are doing this, be sure that the thumb is not covering the entire front button so you can see the flashes. If the front power button flashes once, you have unlocked the device and should now be able to power it with a quick press of the power button. If the front power button flashes twice, the PMD Clean Pro has been locked up and you will need to hold down the two power buttons together for another 123 count to get the front button to flash only one time. Then you can do a quick press to power it on.

What should I do if my PMD Clean Pro won't charge?

When you put in the charging cable, be certain to push it in until the light on the front comes on. This is an indication that the PMD Clean Pro is charging. If the light doesn’t come on, push it in further until there is just a small portion of the metal rod showing. If this still doesn't work, you may need a new cable. The PMD Clean Pro often comes fully charged. When you plug in the charging cord, the light on the front of the PMD Clean Pro should come on and then automatically turn off when the charge is full. Remove the charging cord and power on the PMD Clean Pro. When you power it on, DO NOT press for any longer than a quick press. If it is held down for too long the PMD Clean Pro will lock up and you will need to disengage the travel lock by following the disengage instructions in the question above.

Why does the entire device, heat and the vibrations, turn off when I turn the heat on my PMD Clean Pro?

The first thing to know about the PMD Clean Pro is that the heat takes more battery power than the vibrations do, so sometimes you may be able to get the vibrations to work but not the heat. This is a good clue that the PMD Clean Pro needs to be fully charged again. Follow the instructions for charging the PMD Clean Pro. Let the PMD Clean Pro charge for a full 3 hours, or until the light on the front goes off. If the light doesn’t come on, push it in further until there is just a small portion of the metal rod showing.

Can I use ActiveWarmth™ with Retinol?

We do not suggest using ActiveWarmth™ heat therapy when massaging in Retinol.