16 Amazing Morning Routine Beauty Hacks

16 Amazing Morning Routine Beauty Hacks

Ah, the morning beauty routine. We all have our routine and sometimes we have to take short-cuts due to running late or a change of schedule. This list beauty hacks is specific to help speed up your morning routine, or at least make it more efficient and effective.

1. Make your lipstick last longer

Use tissue paper and translucent powder to make your lipstick last longer. After applying your lipstick, hold a tissue up to your lips and lightly dust the translucent powder over the tissue. Voilà! Longer-lasting lipstick.

longer-lasting lipstick trick

2. Avoid frizzy hair after your shower

Towels are rough and can make your hair frizzy. Simply use an old t-shirt instead. Ring out your hair with a cotton t-shirt and leave on for ten to fifteen minutes.

avoid frizzy hair

3. Use less foundation

A weekly PMD (at-home microdermabrasion) treatment will make your skin look fresh and vibrant without any foundation – thereby saving you time. Not to mention that it will also help foundation go on smoother.

fresh and vibrant skin

4. Get rid of under-eye bags in seconds

This trick requires using concealer under your eyes. Watch this quick tutorial.

5. Faster wavy hair

Twist your hair into a pony-tail. Flat-iron the pony-tail starting close to your head and moving down toward the bottom.

Faster Wavy Hair

6. Get rid of staticky hair fast

If your hair is staticky from laying on your pillow or from your straightener, wrap a dryer sheet (fabric softener sheet) over sections of your hair and rub it downward. Static should be gone in no time.

get rid of staticky hair

7. Wake up with voluminous hair

Apply dry shampoo to your hair before go to bed the night before so you can wake up with more volume. Add it to the roots and rub it in like your are washing your hair. All you have to do is brush it out in the morning.

voluminous hair with dry shampoo

8. Reduce shine on your face

Coffee filters are pretty much like blotting paper. Just blot your shiny areas with a coffee filter and take that un-wanted shine away.

remove shine with coffee filter

9. Skip shampooing

Don’t want to shampoo but don’t want stringy bangs? Pull hair back into a pony-tail, add a little bit of conditioner through your bangs and rinse it out. Saves a ton of time and you still have fresh, non-stringy bangs.

bang wash

10. Organize your makeup

Think about it. How much time do you spend fumbling through your makeup bag each morning. Here are a couple of ways to organize: by order of use, separate tools by part of face, or separate by function. You decide. But imagine being able to find and use the right tool right when you want it.

Organize your makeup

11. Skip the mascara

If you are in a rush, mascara can be messy and take too much time. Simply dab Vaseline on your eyelashes or use a clean spoolie brush to put it on like mascara. Either way, no mess and your eyelashes will look naturally longer and thicker.

vaseline on eyelashes

12. Blow-dry your hair last

If you wait to dry your hair last it will most likely be less wet after having done the rest of your morning beauty routine. That way it will take less blow-drying time.

blow-dry hair

13. Red lipstick

Even if you put nothing else on, with red lips you look put together. Grab your red lipstick and head out the door. You can put it on while in the car or elevator.

red lipstick

14. Criss-cross ponytail

A three-minute, classy-looking ponytail for your second-day style. See the full tutorial here.

criss-cross ponytail

15. Use a cold spoon

If you often wake up with puffy eyes, keep a spoon in the freezer. When you wake up, press the cold spoon to the puffy area under your eyes and hold for 30 seconds.

puffy eyes

16. Messy bun

Master the messy bun and you can wake up with wild hair and still make it look good quickly.

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