5 Best Makeup Removers

5 Best Makeup Removers

There’s nothing more fun than intricate Halloween makeup looks but we all know that come the end of the night, the last thing we want to do is spend 30 minutes scrubbing it off. We searched high and low and found the 5 best makeup removers that will get you from ‘costume-party-mode’ to ‘clean-faced-sleep-bound-mode’ in 5 minutes or less! Don’t forget, though, that the key to getting your skin refreshed again and back on track is a PMD treatment the next day! It’ll clear away that layer of party worn skin, increase blood flow, and leave your complexion feeling bright again!

5: Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover


Perfect for anyone with skin sensitive to oil, this oil-free makeup remover is gentle yet effective enough to wipe off that Halloween make-up with little effort!

4: Almay Soothing & De-Puffing Makeup Remover Pads


No extra cotton balls needed with these makeup remover pads. Not only are these pads gentle and oil free, they’re also infused with a soothing de-puffing serum! That means it’ll work on undoing some of that up-all-night damage on top of getting that Halloween makeup off with a swipe.

3: Clinique Cleansing Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk


This residue-free cleansing milk is perfect for dry skin types. It’ll gently moisturize while breaking down that layer of costume makeup!

2: MAC Wipes


These over-sized babies will have you saying goodbye to that long-wear Halloween makeup and hello to the comfort of your bed in a jiffy! Infused with MAC’s special cleanser and Vitamin E these wipes will re-hydrate your skin and nourish away the damage of a long Halloween night!

1: Maybelline Clean Express


This makeup remover is the perfect combination of strength and gentleness! Made with enough strength to remove even waterproof makeup this remover will take off face-paint, glitter, or any long-wear Halloween makeup, no problem!

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