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7 Tips to Avoid Dry Skin this Winter

We all know that dry skin during the cold months can be a winter woe, but with the right regimen and routine, it doesn't have to be. Cold air, harsh winds, and low humidity levels can zap the skin of its moisture and cause a dull, dehydrated appearance if not combatted properly. Here are our top seven tips for how to keep your skin's hydration all year round.

1. Exfoliate Weekly This might seem counterintuitive as many tend to believe that exfoliating the skin will cause it to be more dry. However, when done properly, this is not the case. There are two types of exfoliation methods that we recommend: chemical exfoliation and mechanical exfoliation. Both are great, and useful for different reasons!

Chemical exfoliation is exfoliation done by use of enzymes and acid-based products to dissolve protein bonds that exist between dead skin cells, allowing for dead skin cell removal. Mechanical exfoliation is exfoliation done by use of a machine or device to exfoliate the skin (insert Personal Microderm device!).

Recommendation for frequency of exfoliating varies depending on the type of exfoliation and the product being used. When doing mechanical exfoliation with the Personal Microderm Elite Pro, it is recommended to use the device once every 7 days for the most optimal results. This will keep your skin glowing during the dry winter months!

2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! You might be thinking "well, duh" to this answer, but it is such a crucial step we couldn't skip it. As the weather changes, you may need to change your moisturizer options as well. This might be a time you opt for a thicker, heavier moisturizer instead of something lightweight. Try to moisturize head to toe as soon as you step out of the shower to lock in moisture.

3. Drink Up While staying hydrated is always important, it's especially important to continue during the winter months. Not only can this assist your immune system during these months, it can also help your skin. Staying hydrated allows your skin to develop new skin cells that will keep a glowing, radiant appearance. And, it has never been easier with the PMD Aqua water bottle - luxury, cute & the perfect size for on-the-go!

4. Pay Attention to the Heat While it is a very easy time to blast the shower temps and crank the heat in the car, this can be a culprit for dry skin. Whenever possible, try to use warm water in the shower instead of hot, and moderate temperatures in the car. Avoid blowing the air directly onto the face as this also can increase drying of the skin.

5. Avoid Drying Fabrics - Especially When Sleeping When we sleep, our skin goes into repair & recovery mode. To optimize this time, try using a silk pillowcase instead of cotton. Cotton pillowcases can cause wrinkles and promote dryness in skin. It can also absorb our skincare products instead of allowing them to absorb into the skin. Silk pillowcases are key to hydrated, glowing skin in the morning.

6. Hydrating Face Masks Sometimes the skin just needs a good face mask to boost hydration levels. Opt for one that focuses on hydration and moisture. Key ingredients to look out for will be hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin.

7. Properly Cleanse the Skin

Cleansing the skin daily is key to hydration, collagen production and radiance in the skin. When dirt and oil build up on the skin, skincare products have a harder time absorbing fully. Clean skin ensures skincare can penetrate the skin deeply and give full benefits.

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