C Weddings featuring the PMD Personal Microderm

C Wedding Magazine Features the PMD Personal Microderm

Some of our happiest customers are make-up artists.  They purchase the PMD Personal Microderm to use on their clients.  They love doing a light treatment on their client.  Once the top layer of dead, dull skin is removed they then apply the make-up.  This allows the make-up to glide on smooth leaving the customer looking flawless.

The PMD Personal Microderm is perfect to use before a special event, such as a wedding.  Just be sure to use a sensitive disc, like a white or blue colored disc and do not hover in one spot too long.  You will notice how soft your skin feels and how easy it is to apply your make-up.  Your skin will look beautiful and bright giving the confidence you need for your special day.

C Wedding Magazine Features the PMD

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