Dawn Gallagher - There is No Expiration On Beauty

Dawn Gallagher - There is No Expiration On Beauty

Bullied one day and shooting Vogue covers the next, Dawn Gallagher talks about overcoming flaws and turning them into her greatest assets. "The things you think that are your flaws and that you think you need to hide, you need to show with pride." As Dawn became a supermodel, she was told that her modeling career would end at age 25. As her career moved forward and as she served others and experienced life, Dawn learned that beauty does not expiration date.

"Beauty is so much more than our physicality, it is our spirituality, it's our confidence, it's our life experiences, it's who we are as people, it's our wisdom, and to me that's what true beauty is. There is no expiration on beauty."

Follow Dawn at: https://dawngallagher.com/, https://www.facebook.com/dawngallagher.beauty/ and https://www.instagram.com/dawnlgallagher/

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