For Women Magazine featuring the PMD Personal Microderm

For Women Magazine Features the PMD Personal Microderm

Who doesn’t want beautiful skin?  I know I do.  The reason I began using the PMD Personal Microderm is I started getting those little annoying bumps on the back of my arms called, “keratosis pilaris”  after the birth of my babies.  I felt self conscious and I caught myself always picking at them, making them so much worse.  I tried scubbing and using special creams but nothing seemed to help.  When I discovered the PMD Personal Microderm is seriously “changed my skin.”  I know why For Women Magazine said, “Fans of the system rave about the professional results and how easy the device is to use.”  The PMD Personal Microderm has 2 different sizes of discs.  Small (for the face) and Large (for the body).  There are also different grades of intensities.  The discs are color coded depending if you want a sensitive treatment or a more intense treatment.  I went right for the intense treatment using a large red disc.  Immediately after my first treatment my arms felt smoother.  You have to understand, the PMD Personal Microderm is not a “magic wand.”  However, after about 6 to 8 treatments my keratosis pilaris was nearly gone and I was wearing tank tops to the gym again.  I am so happy with the results of the PMD Personal Microderm and continue to use the device weekly to keep those annoying bumps away.

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