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"The Entrepreneurs Behind The Skincare Devices That Have Been Pandemic Must-Haves"

Following a Beauty Independent Panel featuring key leaders of the skincare industry, Sam Alexander of PMD Beauty, Jamie O’Banion of BeautyBio, and Tera Peterson of NuFace, Beauty Independent released an article titled “The Entrepreneurs Behind The Skincare Devices That Have Been Pandemic Must-Haves”

Beauty Independent highlighted the unique path that PMD Beauty’s founder and CEO, Sam Alexander, forged to build PMD Beauty into the premier beauty company that it is today. In discussing PMD Beauty’s unique commercial strategy, Beauty Independent noted Sam Alexanders foresight into the future of influencer marketing- and how he used it to build awareness from the formation of the company. 

“Alexander touts the effectiveness of selling highly demonstrable tools by showing real-time results like sloughing off dead skin through visual mediums such as social media.” With products that work in real time, Sam Alexander has been able to lead the brand and grow in the industry because the products speak for themselves. 

As the skincare industry continues to grow, PMD Beauty’s Sam Alexander “doesn’t fear competition”. Sam Alexander finds that a larger market enables education of the consumer, and thus a stronger recognition of the brand and understanding of its effectiveness. 

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